The Idea

Welcome to my online flowershop with silk flowers combined with Dutch Art and Design. How did that come about? Let me tell you.

Holland is a flower country. We Dutch people are known for it. We export flowers to the whole world. Flowers are our art. Literally captured on canvas in the Golden Age when countless still life paintings of flowers were painted by well-known and lesser-known Dutch painters.

And still, flowers are ‘hot’.  In photography, on the catwalk …. and the FlowerDutchess is doing her part. Arrangements of silk and real-touch flowers are presented in Dutch Design vases, and propped by Dutch art. And in this online flowershop, we’ve bundled the flower arrangements to make them easily accessible to you. With or without the props.

The Flowerdutchess , Silk flowers – Dutch Design.

Hi, I'm Wendie

Welcome to my online flower shop.

I’m Dutch. Like most Dutch people, I buy flowers almost every week because in Holland, flowers are relatively cheap. So I know about flowers. I experiment with arrangements, but… I don’t always have time to buy new flowers, throw out the old flowers and think up something new for the coming week. Besides, I don’t always want to spend the money. 

Ergo, artificial flowers. Now, before you start thinking art-flowers are stuffy, think again. I have flowers that look so so good, my guests stick their nose in them to smell their scent – and I say nothing (grin). You just have to know where to get the best flowers on the market and you’ve come to the right place! Our art-flowers are works of art, especially combined with other works of art, say a beautiful vase, a great painting or arranged as they did in the Golden Age. You’re own still life, Golden Age masterpiece in 3D.

Let me inspire you… But before you’re off to the shop, here’s another reason for buying art-flowers: I feel buying freshly cut flowers every week is ‘slightly’ eco-unfriendly, to put it mildly. And I feel that the eco-footprint of transporting fresh flowers all over the world is just too big. It would be fantastic if we can reduce this by investing in beautiful artificial flowers.

So now you know. Feel inspired. Sign up for the news letter and enjoy!


If buying fresh flowers every week is way too expensive, or if you don’t have time to buy and arrange new flowers every week, or if you just can’t think of what to put where, then I suggest faux flowers. Especially if you can hardly see the difference between the imitation and it’s fresh counterparts.

It’s ever so eco-friendly and your options are endless. Let me inspire you.


‘The difference between a beautiful painting on the wall, and a perfect arrangement of flowers on a table? Both can be beautiful works of art. Our flowers are 3-D, the painting is not.

We deliver only the best. You might have come across some hideous imitations of flowers but believe me, there are great versions of the real thing out there, and I’ve found them for you.

You’re in good hands.


In my experience, there are two kinds of flower shoppers. The ones who want to express their creativity with subtle arrangements that are true works of art. And others who just want to brighten up their home with a lovely bunch of flowers.

I aim to cater to both of you. I present to you inspiring images of beautifully styled arrangements of flowers framed by Dutch art and Design. You too can acquire these true pieces of art.

translated from Dutch:

When I came down this morning I saw that my husband had put the flowers in water  ;D” –  Lisette Hendriks


On weekdays we aim to send your purchase on the same day of ordering.

Depending on where you want us to send it to, we hope to have it with you as soon as possible. If anything is out of stock in our online flowershop, we will contact you to let you know and give you an indication of when it can be expected.


In case you’re not happy with what you bought in our online flowershop you can send the purchase back to us to the adres below.

The items you wish to return must be returned to us within 14 days from the date you received our package. For returned purchases, you will receive a giftcard from our webshop.


Please contact us if you have a complaint about obvious material or manufacturing defects of goods bought in our online flowershop and delivered to you, including transport damage.

Text or call: +31 6 2424 93 55. Sending a picture of the defect is helpful, thanks.