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5 White peony tulips spring arrangement | 42 cm

 28,00 incl BTW

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1 op voorraad

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These lovely artificial white peony tulips with rooting pussy willow will have you in the mood for spring instantly!

Specifics of the artificial white peony tulips

Perfect imitations of white peony tulips come in a bundle of 5. I haven’t come a cress better imitations of a simple and beautiful bunch of peony tulips. They even feel like their fresh counterparts. They are what we call ‘real touch’. You can put them in a glass vase with water as if they’re real and no-one would know.

All the stems are wired so you can bend them in any way you like to match the arrangement on the image. The stems are sealed, so you can put the bouquet in water to add to the effect. Just make sure that when you decide to cut the stems a little shorter, you’ll have to re-seal them before you put them in water, as the wire may rust.

The height of the tulips is 39 cm. But make sure to bend them a little. Real tulips will do the same.

Specifics of the pussy willow.

I’ve added a bunch of artificial rooting pussy willow. Again, great imitations.  42 cm long and both with a bunch of twigs.

Bend the twigs in any way you like as they are wired. This makes for easy arranging. Put them in water if you like, because the wire is sealed. Just remember that if you cut the stem shorter, make sure not to put it in water before you re-seal the wire again.

Dutch Design

The tulip vase in the image is the Tulipa vase by the dutch designer Lotte van Laatum. She has a few different designs that aren’t newly available at the moment. The only way to get your hands on one is to set up an (action) alert on, Catawiki or Ebay. Once Lotte starts to reproduce again – which she will – I wil make the vases available on this site.

I got this one from Marktplaats, but just the other day I saw one on Catawiki. It’s well worth the search because tulips look great in it. And cleaning tulips vases is a horrible job, but with this artificial floral arrangement, that is a thing of the past. Forever tulips in a forever clean vase!


Buy the tulips and the pussy willow as a bundle and receive a 10% discount.

– Enjoy!