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5 Red Tulips in Tichelaar | red | 36 cm

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Treat yourself to these incredible blood-red faux peony tulips. They are absolutely stunning!

Tulips are tricky. Flower farms try to harvest tulips before they are fully open so buyers get the longest vase life at home. Sadly, most of the tulips don’t last a week. This bunch of red tulips will last forever. These ‘real touch’ tulips – as they call them – come in a bundle of five. These lovely red tulips look real, feel real and even move as their real counterparts. They are in different stages of bloom, creating a natural look. They also have a wire in the stem so you can bend them in any way, as to mimic the way tulips tend to grow. The tulips are 37 cm tall.

In the product image, we’ve arranged the red tulips in a traditional Dutch Tulipvase by Royal Tichelaar. Royal Tichelaar has a collection of traditional pottery available through their webshop.