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Laurens van Wieringen | 3 x 3 tulip vase | white | rubber

 43,95 incl BTW



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Dutch Design

The tulip Vase Three by Three is the newly introduced sister of the  5 x 7 (Five by Seven) vase by the Dutch Designer Laurens van Wieringen. It’s a rubber vase, inspired by flower fields. It holds the tulips in such a way that they resemble a small patch from the famous Dutch Tulips fields. You need quite a few flowers to fill up the 5 x 7. Therefore, Laurens designed this vase especially for international countries where flowers are more rare than in Holland. The vase Three by Three was introduced by the renowned Museum of Modern Art and is available in the MoMA Design Stores. And here!

Delivery time is variable. The vases are custom made and I will get yours to you as soon as possible.

– enjoy!