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Tulpen | 36cm | wit | bosje van 5 met een knop

Tulpen | 36cm | wit | bosje van 5 met een knop

 19,75 incl BTW



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A beautiful bundle of  5 white tulips of which one is a bud.  A perfect imitation of a simple and beautiful bunch of tulips. They even feel like their fresh counterparts. You can put them in a glass vase with water as if they’re real and no-one would know.

It’s perfectly fine to put them in water to add to the ‘real-effect’.

There is a metal wire in them so that you can bend them in different ways, mimicking real tulips. Mimic the whimsical growth of tulips in a vase, or you can have one or two bend over the side of the vase as real tulips do too.

Real touch flowers

These tulips are ‘Real touch’ flowers, as we call them. Real touch flowers are an artificial flower that are very realistic both in look and feel. They are made of polyether polyurethane, we call ‘real touch’. It is a new component. It is used instead of plastic or silk to offer a more natural look and feel, which sometimes can be mistaken as a real flower. Seriously, they look, feel and actually move like real tulips.

Real touch flowers are appealing for not only their touch and feel but also their texture and vivid color. Their characteristic is amazing because the flower head is not easily broken by folding. Furthermore, as a flower material, polyurethane is stable and does not change easily. If you feel the tulips need a rinse, just hold them under running water. The flower will keep it’s shape even after being subjected to external forces such as squeezing and pressing. You can touch and feel the tulip veins as they are not printed on the petals like on the traditional silk flower heads or leaves. They have the same touch and feel of fresh flowers even under sunlight.

These tulips are great in combination with other colors. It is also beautiful to combine them with Eucalyptus. Have a look at the product gallery.

– Enjoy!