Big bouquet of 21 colorful tulips | mix | 43 cm


Artificial tulips in pink, orange, green, yellow and lavender| Real touch | 43 cm


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A big bouquet of artificial tulips for your home, to celebrate spring.

These tulips are – what we call – “real touch”. These imitations look-, feel-, move- and even sound (you know how tulips can sound fresh and squeaky) like their real counterparts and they appear as if they’ve been freshly cut.

Tall orange and green tulips and slightly shorter pink, yellow and lavender peony tulips are mixed up this arrangement. The different colors come in bundles of five or three. Twenty one tulips are in this bouquet of artificial tulips. Like all of our arrangements, this bouquet of faux flowers comes across as very natural, since some of the flowers are still in a bud. Your guests probably won’t question their authenticity and you will definitely have fresh looking flowers weeks on end. While the freshly cut versions of these flowers will have wilted after 5 days. As tulips sadly do.

There are wires in every stem. Therefore you can bend them in different ways to mimic their fresh counterparts. Also, put them in water, no problem. Just remember that when you cut them shorter, you have to make sure to seal the stems off again if you want to put them in water. Otherwise the wires may rust and the water will turn brown.

The height of the flowers ranges between 36-45 cm.


Treat yourself to this smashing bouquet or make someone else really happy with this BPF (Best Present Forever).
From Holland, with love!

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geel, groen, oranje, paars, roze


25-50 cm