Silk Flower Subscription | Medium bouquet

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FlowerDutchess provides subscriptions to high quality, very natural-looking flowers, arranged in vases by Dutch Designers.

We can arrange new flowers for you every month. Leaving you with new fresh looking flowers, no hassle and you’ll be doing your part on behalf of the ‘sharing-economy’. It will be like having fresh flowers, for less than half the price.

Medium bouquet
  • Seasonal bouquet
  • approx. up to 50 cm to 1 m high
  • Delivered in med-high design-, or tulip vases (if you wish)
  • hassle free – we arrange the flowers and we deliver them. This way we can adapt the flowers to the season and to what’s in the flower shops at that particular moment in time.
  • eco-friendly – we clean and re-use the flowers
  • always fresh looking flowers – the beauty of faux flowers is that they will never wilt. The will look fresh and welcoming at every moment in time
  • art and design – We deliver high quality faux flowers in vases by Dutch Designers. And the bouquets are inspired by the season and the Dutch, Still Life paintings from the Golden Age. Adding art and design to your interior.

It will be like having fresh flowers with benefits, for less than half the price.

Real touch

The flowers are made of ‘silk mix’ or more often ‘real-touch’.

Real-touch is a flower material, polyurethane, which makes the artificial flowers appealing for not only their touch and feel but also their texture and vivid color. Furthermore, as  is stable and almost impossible to distinguish from real.

We deliver art!!

Would you like to see some examples or do you have a question? Contact Wendie van Luijk 06-24249355, or fill in the form below:

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