Spring bouquet | subtle pink | 80 cm



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To recreate the look in the picture of this subtle cream and pink bouquet, we’ve mixed great imitations of Magnolia branches with subtle pink Roses, Daisies, a few Ranunculus and beautiful Ornitogalum. A green version of the latter. I’ve also added artificial cream Dancing Orchids which are tiny orchid flowerheads on a 92cm stem. Simply gorgeous, trust me.

We’ve left out the Amaryllis. TheΒ Ornitogalum will definitely make up for it.

All the stems are wired so you can bend them in any way you like to match the arrangement on the image. The stems are sealed, so you can put the bouquet in water to add to the effect. Just make sure that when you decide to cut the stems a little shorter, you’ll have to re-seal them before you put them in water, as de wire may rust.

Maybe you’d like to ad some cherry blossom. Or a Philo-leaf. Have a look at the suggestions below.

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creme, roze


75-100 cm



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