Blooming Spring Bouquet | 80 cm

Image source: Pinterest

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To create a blooming spring bouquet, like the the one in this picture you can use many kinds of blooming branches. I’ve selected an artificial cherry blossom for you, which is absolutely beautiful. I’ve bundled three branches which wont’t make it look as full as in the picture. For that, you might want to double the bundle.

The reason why I didn’t do that for you, is because I don’t think its necessary. The cherry blossom is magnificent and just three branches in a tall vase will already prove to be a great eye-catcher in any room. And they will also serve as great add-ons to fresh flower arrangements.

The branches are 90 cm long. The branche itself is brown and the many flowers are all in different stages of blooming. From bud to full bloom. The branche also has some green leaves, like the ones in the Pinterest picture, adding to the real look.

Feel free to add some colour, like yellow Forsythia, or some subtle green birch twigs. Or add two or three faux Ornitogalum in green or white. A few branches with pink-green lysianthus flowers in different stages, will add some volume. All great nice-to-haves. They all go very well by themselves, or in combination with fresh flower arrangements.

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