Dutch if ever | Orange | 45 cm



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Orange, red, white and blue: Dutch colors, and happily combined in this spring bouquet.

I’ve found great imitations of the flowers that go into this arrangement: Ranunculus, Daffodils, Tulips, Peony Tulips, Anemones and of course Eucalyptus.

They range in height from 37 cm to 79 cm. The artificial red peony-tulips are the shortest, like in the picture. And the eucalyptus-spay is the longest. Again, like in the picture.

I’ve exchanged the orange poppy for ranunculus, because I have yet to find a good imitation of a real poppy. So I replaced it with faux orange Ranunculus. One of my favorites, indeed.

If you want to add to this arrangement, I suggest something in a blue like Delphinium or Ornitogalum. I’ve added them to the images below.

– enjoy!

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blauw, creme, oranje, rood


25-50 cm, 50-75 cm



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