Ever so Dutch | 10 orange and green tulips | 45 cm




Ever so Dutch: high quality artificial orange and green tulips in a tulip vase. The green tulips are 45 cm high. The orange peony tulips are 37 cm in length. All are in different stages of bloom.

Specifics of the artificial tulips in orange and green

These artificial peony tulips are a perfect imitation of a simple and beautiful bunch of peony tulips. They even feel like their fresh counterparts. They are what we call ‘real touch’. You can put them in a glass vase with water as if they’re real and no-one will question their authenticity.

All the stems are wired so you can bend them in any way you like . The stems are sealed so you can put the flowers in water to add to the effect. Just make sure that when you decide to cut the stems a little shorter you’ll have to re-seal them before you put them in water. Otherwise the wire will rust.

The height of the green tulips is 45 cm. The orange peony tulips are 37 cm in length. Make sure to bend them a little. Real tulips will do the same.

Both the orange and the green tulips come in bundles of five.

Dutch Design

The tulip vase in the picture is the Tulipa vase by the dutch designer Lotte van Laatum. I got this one from Marktplaats, but just the other day I saw one on Catawiki. I’t well worth the search because tulips best in a tulip vasw. And cleaning tulips vases is a horrible chore, but with my artificial tulips – hopefully soon to be yours –  that will be a thing of the past. Forever tulips in a forever clean vase!


Buy this arrangement as a bundle and receive a 10% discount.

– Enjoy!


Extra informatie


groen, oranje


25-50 cm


lente, winter