A bunch of yellow spring flowers | 80 cm | yellow


A yellow spring flower bouquet with artificial flowers.


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Spring calls for this bunch of yellow spring flowers, including faux Daffodils, artificial Mimosa, a few real-touch yellow Tulips and artificial Forsythia. This bouquet looks really the part. Every flower is a great imitation of its real counterpart. This arrangement will give you an instant spring vibe, guaranteed to make you happy every time you walk into the room.

The stems vary in length. The flowers range from 36 cm to 100 cm tall and will look great in a typical Dutch Delfts Blue vase or pot. This pot in the picture is one of a set of old-fashioned cupboard vases. Made in Delft. Very easy to get your hands on a flee market or on an online market like Marktplaats.nl (for all the Dutch people) or eBay of Catawiki (for the rest of the world).

Fill the pot with play-sand (suitable for sandboxes) which is heavy sand. This way the weight of the pot wil be in the bottom and it won’t tip over. The sand is also great for arranging the flowers.

Buy the whole bundle and we will give you a 10% discount of every flower sold individually.

– Enjoy!

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