Laurens van Wieringen | 5 x 7 tulip vase | white


5 x 7 vase by the Dutch Designer, Laurens van Wieringen



Dutch Design

The tulip vase in the picture is the 5 x 7 vase by the Dutch Designer Laurens van Wieringen. It’s a rubber vase, inspired by flower fields. It holds the tulips in such a way that they resemble a small patch from the famous Dutch Tulips fields. You need quite a few flowers to fill it up. Therefore, artificial flowers a great for this vase. Buy them once, and enjoy them forever. , or go for the smaller version:ย The 3 x 3 vase. Apparentlyย especially designed for international countries where flowers are more rare than in Holland.

Delivery time is variable. The vases are custom made and I will get yours to you as soon as possible.

– enjoy!

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