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Spring selection | Tulips, Allium, etc | 90 cm

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We’ve selected a a bundle of small white and yellow daffodils with 15 flowerhead, fuchsia colored mini Gerbera’s, alliums in a little darker fuchsia tone, ranunculus with flowers and a few buds, tulips in the colors orange and lavender and pussy willow branches. The pink spray has been replaced by 3 pink sweet-pea stems with plenty of flowerheads. And I’ve exchanged the corngrasses for beautiful papyrus-spray.

The stems of the flowers are wired so you can bend them in different ways.

The height of the flowers range from 30-70 cm. The latter being the ball-grass. As shown in the picture its will look very decorative in various vases of different shapes and sizes. If you wish you can cut a stems shorter similar to the arrangement in the picture. Be sure to keep a little variation in heights though. And make sure to dab some liquid glue over the cutting edge of the stems so the wire inside the stem is sealed again. Otherwise the wire may rust when put in water. Which I recommend by the way. The arrangement will look ever so real.

‘Bring spring to your house early (every year). Enjoy!”