Flowers as a service


Silk Flowers in Dutch Design

FlowerDutchess offers subscriptions to Silk flowers in Dutch Design vases. High quality flowers that are perfect immitations of their fresh counterparts in beautiful vases made by dutch designers or made in Dutch factories.

The flowers don’t wither, so we bring you new flowers every month or every season, depending on what you want or need. ‘Saving you a lot of money and hassle and making sure you have great flowers to match the season. Scrol though the pictures below to see what we’re talking about….


High quality silk and ‘real-touch’ flowers in Dutch Design vases.

We deliver only the best. You might have come across some hideous imitations of flowers but believe me, there a great versions of the real thing out there, and I’ve found them for you.

You’re in good hands.

No Hassle

We arrange and deliver the flowers in a beautiful vase (if you like) and we take the old arrangement with us. No more ‘throwing out wilted flowers’, ‘cleaning the vases’, ‘arranging new flowers’, ‘refreshing water’, etc. etc. Just a ‘hassle-free’ flower service.

Fresh looking flowers guaranteed!


Buying freshly cut flowers every week is ‘slightly’ eco-unfriendly, to put it mildly. The eco-footprint of fresh flowers is just too big. It would be fantastic if we can reduce this by using beautiful artificial flowers.

We will put our flowers to good use, again and again. Very ‘circular’. So join us in our efforts to be eco-friendly!


Seeing is believing!

I fully agree. Let’s make an appointment so I can show you what I’m talking about. No strings attached.

I can even offer you a free trail of a month so you can check how people respond. And if – after a month – f you’re happy and everyone is convinced, we’ll can do business.

Call me Wendie van Luijk on 06-24 24 93 55 or fill out the form below and I will contact you. Thanks!


...when fresh flowers are just (too) costly

High quality silk and ‘real-touch’ flowers in Dutch Design vases for half the price of fresh flowers.

Our flowers don’t wilt so we can save you money by delivering flowers every month or every season instead of every week. Saves money!

...when your flowers seem to wilt to quickly.

Our flowers obviously don’t wilt. Not even in the sun or in a showroom with bright lights shining on them all day.

You’ll have fresh looking flowers all the time. And no risk of foul smelling water either!

...when hygiene is of importance

Is hygiene is of the essence? Like for example In hospitals, clinics, dental practices, etc. Or is it important to keep the humidity levels low, like in a museum.

No problem! With our faux flowers you won’t be needing water to keep your flowers looking great.