About our flower subscription ...

The idea

Welcome to my online flower shop where you can buy silk flowers and purchase flower subscriptions.

How did that happen? I'll tell you ...

  • The Netherlands is a flower country. We Dutch are known for it. Flowers are our art. Captured on canvas by Van Gogh and countless other Dutch painters and photographers. Tourists from all over the world come to the Keukenhof and flowers are everywhere in our houses, offices and public buildings. Unfortunately, flowers do not last long.
  • The Netherlands also has a particularly good reputation in design. 'Dutch Design' is known for its beauty, simplicity, functionality and innovation. Dutch design is timeless.
  • Dutch people are traders. Always has been. Starting in the Golden Age. And today FloraHolland sells 1.5 million flowers per hour. The Dutch spend € 1,5 billion in flowers per year, for themselves ... We love flowers.

Imagine the combination. And that is exactly what I did and that led to this idea.

In this online flower shop you will find an extensive collection of beautiful, sustainable flowers, arranged in beautiful, complementing Dutch Design vases. 'All products are for sale or available through a subscription. Subscriptions are currently only available in the Netherlands, where we deliver seasonal bouquets from our extensive collection of flowers and vases every month or season. And we can do this for a very competitive price, because the flowers are durable and can be cleaned and reused. Read more about our flower service >>

Flowerdutchess | Silk flowers - Dutch Design.


Hello, my name is Wendie

Welcome to my online flower shop.

I am Dutch. Like most Dutch people, I bought flowers almost every week because flowers are relatively cheap in the Netherlands. I also have a large garden full of flowers, but I'd rather not pick it out. But buying flowers can be time consuming: throw away the old flowers, clean the vases, go to the store or the market and come up with something new for the coming week. Moreover, I did not always want to spend the money.

At one point I ran into beautiful artificial flowers. 'Far from ugly and dusty - because that was what I thought of when I thought about artificial flowers. Nothing is less true. I have bought flowers that look so good that my guests put their noses in to smell them - and I say nothing (grin). You just have to know where you can get the best flowers on the market and you've come to the right place! Our artificial flowers are works of art, especially in combination with a beautiful vase. Your own still life. A masterpiece in 3D.

And there is another reason to buy artificial flowers: buying fresh flowers - every week - started to disappoint me. It is, to say the least, 'fairly eco-unfriendly'. The eco-footprint of pesticides, fertilizers and refrigerated transport of fresh flowers is much too large. It would be fantastic if we could reduce this by investing in beautiful artificial flowers.

Get inspired!


If buying fresh flowers every week is too expensive, or if you don't always have the time or desire to buy and arrange new flowers, or if you just don't want to think about what you want to put on where every week, then I present our flowers. The effect is the same. You can hardly see the difference between the imitation and the fresh counterparts.

It is sustainable and your options are endless. Let me inspire you and follow us on instagram:


"The difference between a beautiful painting on the wall and a perfect flower arrangement on a table? Both can be beautiful works of art.

We only deliver the best. Yes, there are horrible imitations of flowers in stores, but believe me, there are great versions of the real thing and I have found them for you.

You are in good hands. Also for vases from Dutch designers.


I think there are two types of flower bouquets.

A simple arrangement of special flowers that radiate art or…

Cozy bunches of flowers that should cheer up everyone, especially a space.

You will find both here. You too can acquire these works of art.

Buy or subscribe.

Both is possible.

"When I came down this morning, I saw that my husband had put the flowers in water; D" - Lisette Hendriks


On working days we try to ship the purchase on the same day.

Depending on the shipping address, we hope to have the flowers with you as soon as possible. If something is out of stock in our online flower shop, we will contact you and give an indication of when it can be expected.


Are you not satisfied with what you have purchased in our online flower shop? Then send it back to the address below.

The items must be returned within 14 days of receiving our package. You will receive a gift voucher from our webshop.


Contact us
if you have a complaint about
material or manufacturing defects
of products in our online
flower shop,
including transport damage.

App or call: + 31 6 2424 93 55. Sending a photo of the damage is fine.